Here you will find the simplest exercises, testing your knowledge of showing text in the browser, variables, concatenation, etc. If you have much experience with PHP, you may want to skip to the next section, or just view the code as a review.

You will notice that many exercises ask you to print certain text to the browser. The text in question is highlighted in yellow only to make it stand out from the instructions. There's no need to highlight your own text.

The Beginnings section includes the following exercises:

#1: Show Text in a Browser
The traditional first programming step, "Hello, World!". Still a good way to get started.
#2: Create and Use Variables
First variable script, to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle" and whatever you choose to make of it.
#3: Arithmetic Operators and Variables
Use variables and operators to send complete equations to the browser.
#4: Arithmetic-Assignment Operators and Variables
More number manipulations sent to the browser, this time using special PHP operators.
#5: Variable Content and Destruction
Using PHP variable functions to peer inside variables, then destroy them.
#6: Concatenation of Strings
Using PHP's string concatenation operator on a common saying.
#7: Variable Data Types
PHP variable types and the function that knows them.

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