Try your had at creating your own PHP functions with these exercises. They span the very simplest functions to the more complex.

#1: Simple Function
Create a function to print the classic "Hello World!" to the browser.
#2: Arguments and Return Values
Create two versions of a function to calculate the area of a rectangle.
#3: Arguments from User Input
Rewrite the exercise from #2 to accept user input.
#4: Function for HTML
Write an array of months and their corresponding number of days, with a function to create option elements for a select field.
#5: Variable Argument Number
Two versions of a script revisiting weather conditions. Functions for HTML, and a function that can accept a string or array as argument.
#6: Function That Calls Another
Rewrite Functions Ex. #4 to expand the option function and call it in a new function that creates a select field.

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